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The "Corpus of Greek and Latin Philosophical Papyri. Texts and Lexicon" (CPF) has been running since 1983. Fostered by the Accademia Toscana di Scienze e Lettere "La Colombaria" and by the Unione Accademica Nazionale (UAN), and adopted since 1987 by the Union Académique Internationale (UAI), it has over the years received financial support from the Ministero dell'Università e della Ricerca Scientifica and from the CNR. The CPF has, in addition, been supported throughout its existence by the "G. Vitelli Papyrological Institute", Florence, and also enjoys the support of the Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa.

For the scientific foundations, methods of research and general objectives of the project, see Francesco Adorno's presentation and Antonio Carlini's Introductory Note in CPF I.1*, pp. XIII-XX. Its main function is to publish philosophical texts preserved on papyrus, exploiting specialist skills in areas with no traditional overlap, so as to make available to the scholarly community the fruits of advanced research in a field requiring high-level interdisciplinary collaboration.

In addition to the series of volumes offering editions of philosophical papyri (CPF), a series of separate studies has been created, "Studies and Texts for the Corpus of Philosophical Papyri" (STCPF), for the investigation of individual topics and the publication of commented editions of individual fragments, stemming from the analysis of the papyri published in the CPF. All volumes are published by the Florence publisher Olschki.

The scientific and editorial Committee is composed of Guido Bastianini, Gábor Betegh, Antonio Carlini, Fernanda Decleva Caizzi (president:, Maria Serena Funghi, Francesca Maltomini, Daniela Manetti, Franco Montanari, Glenn W. Most, Valeria Piano (secretary:, Rosa Maria Piccione, David Sedley.

Two founder members of the CPF, Francesco Adorno, the original president, and Manfredo Manfredi died in 2010 and 2011 respectively.